Why students should learn about life

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Are your students writing as much as they should be? Classroom writing, done with willful focus and daily diligence, remains an essential part of educating students of all ages, including adults. Here are five reasons why classroom writing is still a must:

First and foremost, writing provides a vehicle for expression and communication. No matter the age or grade level of your students, diligent writing practice will boost both their skill and comfort level with revealing and relating their own thoughts and feelings.

Isn't it always easier to remember a household task or a website to visit later if we write it down somewhere? A brief writing assignment at the end of class, focusing on the day's lesson and discussions, is a great way to reinforce the material, support long-term recall of the key lesson points and help build writing skills all at the same time. 

This post has been written in collaboration with pediatric speech-language pathologist Katie Yeh ( PlayingWithWords365 ) and  clinical psychologist Laura Hutchison ( PlayDrMom ). Thank you for your wonderful contribution, ladies! 

The baby doll is such a fantastic toy that we hope ALL children (Yes, even BOYS!) will have the opportunity to own and play with during the toddler years. This is because baby dolls are packed with potential for teaching children about themselves and the world around them. Let’s take a look!

Baby dolls offer kids lots of opportunities for developing their cognitive, fine motor, and self-help skills. Kids often find it easier to practice these skills on someone (or something) else before they can apply them to themselves. And because boys often develop some of their fine motor and self-dressing skills later than girls, it’s important for them to be exposed to more opportunities for practice. For example:

In Germany during the Great Depression, people were poor and jobless just like the rest of the world and they wanted someone to blame. In comes Adolf Hitler, the leader of the National Socialist German Worker's Party. He came into power because he had someone to blame, the Jews. All the non-Jewish Germans loved having someone to blame for their own misfortunes, so they went along with it. The lesson from this is that you should never blame your own problems on something or somebody else. This led to the discrimination of Jews in Germany.

The discrimination against the Jews in Nazi Germany started out not much worse than the discrimination against blacks in our own country. Jews were not allowed the basic rights that non-Jews had, just like the blacks were not given the same rights as whites in America. The big difference in...

Why students should learn about the Holocaust. (2004, February 14). In WriteWork.com. Retrieved 12:40, October 05, 2017, from http://www.writework.com/essay/why-students-should-learn-holocaust


Oops. A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator.

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Why students should learn about life
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